100 day plan

Strategies to learn in the first 100 days 

You must set some plans and objectives if you have just joined the company. Here, the company provides you with 100 days to perform your best. So, it would help if you created powerslides 100 day plan so that you can work well and accomplish all your goals.

For this purpose, you must collect data from the team members and build relations with other staff to perform well in the company.

In this article, let’s discuss some strategies you should learn in your first 100 days, and you can find them below:

  • Learn everything:In this strategy, you must learn everything about the company to get complete information. It is helpful to gain experience to grow in the company effectively. So, make a list of every work of the company. Also, you can prepare powerslides 100 day plan.

100 day plan

  • Note the start-ups:Here, you need to learn how to make a good start in the company. So, try to make a list of all the works and members. And, fix a get-together with them and learn from where you can start your jobs.
  • Start learning:After making the lists of the works and members, you need to get out of your seat to learn from your colleagues. This way, you can grab all the information and apply it to the company’s tasks.
  • Meeting with the stakeholders:As a newbie, you need to know about the stakeholders, so try to fix appointments with them.


As a newbie, you need to learn about the company and prepare the best strategies to meet all the requirements.